Colour Sorting Eggs – Mama May I

I am going to be completely honest with you, when it comes to Vivi (my second child who is almost 2), she is wayyyyyy behind on her colours and numbers than where Cassie (first child) was at the same age.

Do I feel guilty – sure. Just imagine how guilty I am going to feel when it comes to Elliot (baby number 3!).

cassie and vivi eggs

It was the moment Vivi started calling EVERY colour ‘yellow’ that I knew we had to up our game a little, and these GORGEOUS coloured sorting eggs from Mama May I were the perfect tool.

Now, I would be lying if I didn’t admit there are fights over this toy in our home. Both girls just adore these eggs, and their sharing skills go completely out the window when playing with them. The wooden set is just stunning, and there are so many different ways to engage your little one’s play.

Starting with toddlers, you can have a go at simple colour matching. While Vivi can’t say any colours, she can certainly match them! She was a pro first go, so our next step is to concentrate on the names of each colour. It is also great for those fine motor skills she is developing, watching her grab each egg and place it in the cup.

For Cassie, who is almost four, we played some colour mixing games. We placed red and yellow together and got her to choose what colour they would make when mixed.

Vivi eggs

I love how I can extend on each game for the different age groups. Plus, the eggs come in a handy drawstring pouch, so I bring them out and about with us all the time. They keep the girls entertained while we are out at cafes, sitting quietly and playing at the table.


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