Accessories Hanger – Creations by WV

If there’s one thing we have far too many of in our home – it’s bows. But you will never hear me admitting this out loud, and you will certainly never hear me admitting it in front of my husband. But, in fairness to myself (and my shopping habits), we do go through them like hotcakes. I send Cassie to day care in bows that never come home again, we go to the park and I swear Cassie scatters the bows like they are breadcrumbs in Hansel and Gretel, and that’s not to mention the bows stored under her car seat from when she has flung them off in protest during a long car ride. So the issue isn’t the bows themselves, it is having nowhere to store them all. Which is why I am obsessed with this gorgeous accessories hanger from Creations by WV.

It’s big, plenty of space, gorgeous design and easy to hang. What more can you want – except maybe a second one so the girls don’t have to share! I went with pink, white and grey, which is the theme of the girls’ new bedroom I am putting together, and this gorgeous hanger fits in perfectly. Even with the copious amounts of bows we seem to have collected over the years – the hanger seems to fit them all without a problem. And the best part? I can finally see all the bows in one place and match them to each outfit appropriately.

Not only can you put clips down the rope, but you can hang headbands off the bottom, which means Vivi is covered too until she grows a little hair! Each one is handmade, which means you can choose what colours you would like to match your décor. I think this is the perfect excuse to go out and buy more bows for the girls!


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