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Alphabet Matching Puzzle

At the age of three, Cassie has shown a huge interest in learning her letters. Most importantly, she loves the letter ‘C’ for Cassie, and points it out whenever she sees it. When I came across this gorgeous Alphabet Matching Puzzle from 5 Little Bears, I knew it would be a great way to extend Cassie’s learning.

At the moment, Vivi is still on two naps a day, which means for an hour each morning, Cassie and I get some one-on-one time together. We use this time to play Cassie’s ‘big girl’ games. The ones with the fiddly pieces that Vivi will take off with, and the ones that require mum to sit down with her. This gorgeous alphabet game falls into that category and Cassie was so excited to get started.

As expected, as soon as she saw the letter ‘C’ she shouted out in triumph! Been three-and-a-half, it wasn’t a game she could do on her own. Instead, I told her each letter and asked her to find the piece it matched and asked her to repeat “A for apple” and so on. She then had fun joining the pieces together. I love that this game is going to grow with her and I will be able to watch her improve as time goes on until she is doing it all on her own one day.

The puzzle itself is gorgeously made from wood with stunning illustrations used for each picture. It is stunning to look at, which makes it even more fun to play with. The pieces are nice and sturdy, so I know they are going to last – I am sure I will have Vivi playing this one before long.


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