Alphabet Tracing Board – 5 Little Bears

If you ask Cassie to sing the alphabet, she will happily shout out the ABC song, complete with the incomprehensible part in the middle ‘L,M,N,O,P’ that all rolls into the one letter. It’s ridiculously cute, but no matter how slowly I sing it with her, emphasising each letter, she doesn’t seem willing to accept my version (hers really is more fun!).

Lately, she has started recognising letters – starting with C for Cassie, her all-time favourite. Building on this, I thought it was a great chance to go through all the letters with her, and this gorgeous Alphabet Tracing Board from 5 Little Bears is the perfect tool to help with this.

First of all, these boards are nice and light weight and are so easy to take off their stands and pack away when you aren’t using them. With a little sister constantly at her heel, Cassie relishes the one-on-one time we spend with her, so I love been able to cart these boards around the house (to find a quiet room during the day) so we can sit down together.

Being just 3.5 years old, I want to make sure any ‘learning’ we do together is entirely play-based and led by Cassie, which is so easy to do with these boards. We start out by going through the alphabet together singing, slowing right down at her favourite part in the middle to help Cassie recognise each letter in the process.

We then have some fun with letter recognition. So far, C is really the only letter she has going, which is absolutely fine! We always start with that one and Cassie points it out enthusiastically before tracing with her finger. It’s such a great way to build on letter recognition.

For the rest of the letters, I just pick some at random and help point them out to her, letting her run over to it and trace it with her finger, repeating after me. We then chat about what things start with that letter, such as ‘D’ for Dog. We usually get through about 5 in a sitting before Cassie is done, so we pack away for another day!

As a parent, I love being able to extend on Cassie’s learning, especially when she is showing such an interest, but I often feel lost as to how I can go about it. Tools such as these tracing boards are an amazing help and something we can build on over time.


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