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Amby Hammock

One of the best parts about moving out of our unit and into a home before the arrival of baby number 3, is all the extra space we have suddenly found ourselves with. Both my girls went straight into cots of their own when we brought them home, as we just didn’t have the option to keep multiple sleeping spaces for them. This time, I wanted a few different options to test out, starting with the Amby Hammock.

We had it delivered in the week’s leading up to Elliot’s birth, and Cassie and Vivi had plenty of fun putting their dollies in it for the road test. Now that Elliot has finally arrived (that last trimester of pregnancy seems to drag on!), it was his turn. The minute I lay him down in the hammock for the first time, I knew this bed was going to be a winner for us.

The Amby Hammock is brilliantly designed as a ‘womb-like bed’. From the moment you lay your little one down in it, they sink into a big comforting cuddle inside, as you rock or bounce them to sleep. The older they get, your little one will be able to use their own movements to sway the hammock, allowing them to comfort themselves.

The one of a kind adjustable incline can also help ease reflux and colic whilst the rocking motion and lack of pressure points soothes indigestion. The mesh, breathable sides are such an important feature and provided so much comfort when I first put Elliot in there. Not only was I able to see through and keep an eye on him while he slept, but I knew he had plenty of space to breathe and there were no dangers.

Plus, the hammock is nice and portable – you can even bring it to the beach with you or on a day out to ensure your little one has their best sleep whereever they are.


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