Ankalia – Up and Todo

For anyone that knows me – they know that my husband and I fell heavily into babywearing when we had our son Reuben. At first it was for comfort and snuggles, but as we evolved into our babywearing, we fell in love with the fact that their was literally a style of carrier or wrap for everyone, and that many of them were made in beautiful woven materials. We never excelled at traditional wrapping, where you get a long piece of material and tie it in a specific manner to hold bub. We found a structured carrier far easier for both of us to interchange between. Saddened however that many of the beautiful pieces of wrap material weren’t available as a carrier, we settled for printed cotton-style carriers, and used our beautiful ring slings in woven material for quick ups. That was until I discovered the Ankalia Up!

Let’s face it, we know that if you have a clingy or sick baby, or you are busy chasing around a toddler, a carrier is an essential parenting tool for getting life done. What Ankalia have done is take a need, and turn it into a want! They are Australian designed, woven and hand finished – using artists graphics and turning them into beautiful textiles. Their wraps are beautiful and you can buy them as wraps in various lengths, ring slings, structured carriers (like the UP). Even better for those who like to be matchy matchy or whose babywearing journey is nearing an end and they don’t want to stop being able to wear these beautiful Australian made textiles, you can get them in a range of bags, toys, swings and other fun items.

So when Ankalia first launched the Structured Carrier and Todos there was a rush from all the Ankalia fans to get their favourite designs, so a few months later I was lucky enough to get my hands on a matching Toddler Up and Todo Bag in Ophidian Emerald. The difference between a drill or cotton carrier, and one made from wrap material is smooshability, this wrap just melds to your child’s body. It is supportive while being ridiculously soft and accommodating. The Up carrier comes in two sizes, toddler size is suitable from when your child is in a size 2 pants. They range in price based on what wrap material has been used, as they are in different blends, and different production amounts, but they are all fairly limited, so you know you won’t run into many people with your same carrier. This design is striking and we get a lot of comments when we are out. The carriers are very adjustable with sliding clip systems and buckles to suit both myself a curvy 5’5 and my tall lean 6’4 husband.

The matching Todo Tote Bag I know is something that I will keep with me long past when the Babywearing journey is over. It is roomy, and seems to be able to be endlessly filled, yet is easy to carry as the handles act like a drawstring holding the contents in the bag. The design of the handles also means that it is comfortable to wear, and also easy to wear while wearing a carrier. Being a wrap material it is easy to wash and wear and I know will bring me years of happiness and functionality.



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