Kidstuff – Art Easel

Cassie just loves drawing and art. She honestly can’t get enough of it. I am so thankful to her daycare as every single day they seem to do something art & craft related. It’s no wonder Cassie runs away from me at the end of the day and doesn’t want to come home! We have a secret stash of art and craft materials at home, but I am always hesitant to get them out. We have carpet everywhere, and clean up can be the worst. So it tends to stay hidden in the cupboard, out of sight, out of mind. That is, until we came across this fabulous art easel from Kidstuff.

Living in a unit, space is extremely limited. I had always imagined that down the track when we moved into our house we would buy Cassie a big art easel that could live outside and she could use whenever she wanted. Turns out, this art easel is an even better option that Cassie can use now. It’s a tabletop easel, which means space isn’t an issue at all. We can bring it out and put it on Cassie’s table when she wants to play, and then fold it up and place it away when she is done.

On one side, there is a blackboard, and the other side is a white board. In the middle there is a roll of paper that you can pin over the top of one of the sides and let the kids go crazy. This is definitely Cassie’s favourite part. She has created some marvellous pieces of work and we simply rip off the paper and go again. She asks for it every day saying, “Drawing, drawing”. It also makes the perfect activity for a play date. Cassie loved sharing it when her friend Mya when she came over, and they couldn’t get enough of it. And another plus, it’s so easy to clean up after!


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