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Artwork Holder – Poppy and Dot

We have reached that amazing age, where every single day Cassie is either bringing home her latest artwork creations from preschool, or colouring in at home and proudly showing off her drawings. I am not afraid to admit that I am not the sentimental type. We just don’t have room in our home to keep them all, so they generally float around our kitchen table for a while, before I can quietly squirrel them away into the bin without Cassie noticing. Then I came across the gorgeous artwork holders from Poppy and Dot, which has been a game changer.

I know, traditionally the fridge is a great place to stick up artwork for a brief period to display it before it reaches the bin, but I hate the clutter. Plus, Vivi’s little hands tend to reach up and tear anything and everything possible, which just leads to tears. This gorgeous artwork holder is just perfect. Cassie LOVES creating a new piece of art and will now insist on it being hung up in pride of place for everyone to see. Our table is no longer cluttered with all the in-between pieces just biding their time before the bin takes them. Instead, we hang up anything she wants on display, and if she wants to make room for something new, then an old one gets to go. No more throwing out artwork behind her back, and plenty of control for Cassie.

Even better, if she is really sad about losing a piece, we now take a nice photo of it before it goes, so she can always look back on it when she wants. It also means that despite not being the sentimental type, I do have a special folder dedicated on my phone to Cassie’s artwork – and better yet, it isn’t taking up space in my home. It’s a win win.

These gorgeous wooden artwork holders from Poppy and Dot can be custom made in your choice of colour and words, and they fit in perfectly in any home. Match your home decor, or let your kid choose their favourite colours and enjoy having a dedicated space in your home for that collection of artwork for everyone to enjoy.

Now I think it will be just a matter of time before I need one of these for Vivi…


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