Ashberry Lane – Alphabet Flash Cards

Reuben has a great vocabulary, and he is a chatterbox, so we are always trying to find new ways for him to learn words. Also I am half Italian, and so anything that reminds me to tell him a word in Italian is a bonus. We came across these beautifully designed Alphabet Flash Cards by Ashberry Lane, and knew we had to have a set. The L’Alphabet des animaux Flash Cards have pulled together a stunning array of turn of the century animal illustrations, onto thick hand sized cards, matched with the animal name on the front of the card. On the back of the card is a quirky fact about the animal and the name of the animal translated into 6 languages – including Italian!

The 30 cards include the 26 letters of the alphabet, plus some cards featuring games and suggestions of ways to use the cards other than as flash cards – such as building card houses! There is also a parent’s guide to educational ways to use the cards for varying age groups. The colours and imagery on the Ashberry Lane Alphabet Flash Cards are so lovely they would not look out of place as art on your nursery or child’s bedroom wall if you didn’t want to use them as flash cards. The languages featured on the cards are English, French, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish and Hindi. The fun animal facts are fantastic – Did you know “that Iguanas are excellent swimmers, and can spend 28 minutes underwater before returning to the surface for air!”?

These Alphabet Flash Cards are providing Reuben and I hours of entertainment with his favourite cards at the moment being the flamingo the turtle and the viper! We have taken the cards that spell R-E-U-B-S and stuck them up on his wall!


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