B Toys – Wavy Wagon

My in-laws live a street back from a gorgeous beach about an hour away from us, so last Christmas when they were trying to work out what to get Reuben for Christmas presents, they decided that toys that could stay at their house (makes me happy in our little house), that could be used on summer vacations would be perfect. So my sister-in-law was entrusted with finding Reuben some sand toys. What a job she did, she discovered B-Toys Wavy Wagon. We have quite a few toys from B-Toys, I find them to be really well made, and long lasting, as well as bright and colourful and the Wavy wagon is the same. This wagon makes a trip to the beach a breeze as it contains all the sand utensils you need along with space to pull along some snacks and a towel.

The wagon came complete with a big bucket and sand sifter, 3 nesting cups with a shark lid that Reuben things is the coolest shark ever for filling with water, a fish sand mould, a rake, a trowel and a small boat. And of course the wagon! The B-Toys also has add on packs you can buy with additional sand moulds and other spades – so we may also have a pineapple sand mould and a crab sand mould! These toys are durable, they have been used by Reuben at the beach, the boat currently lives in our bathtub, and the fish mould and trowel are often used in the dirt patch in our back garden. He has also taken to using the wagon in the house to “tidy up” his toys, dragging it around behind him collecting and assortment of toys and snacks as he goes.

With a hot summer predicted, anything that will help you get your toddler from the car down to the beach with ease I think is a must own item – go and buy a B-Toy Wavy Wagon today!

  • Please note Wavy Wagon is no longer available – however all the B-Toy Sand toys are amazing, and the buckets and molds are all available individually


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