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Baby and School Books – Rhicreative

Let me just start by saying I am the sentimental type. I love creating memories and storing memories and looking back on memories. One of my favourite things to do as a kid was to grab out all our photo albums (remember the days of printing out photos a sticking them in!), and flicking through them from when I was a baby. Knowing this, I wanted to make sure I documented everything for our kids.

Third time around and there was no way I was letting Elliot miss out. It took me a little longer than it did with the girls, but by 8 weeks I came across the gorgeous Baby Book – Special Edition from Rhicreative.

baby book rhicollective

This is a baby book that will last you the years. With 58 pages to fill out (to cover the first five years), there is plenty of space to add photos – which I love! I have gone back to my scrapbooking days and this book is keeping me accountable.

We are now up to month three and I am filling it in as we go, which makes it much easier to remember the little details that otherwise would have been forgotten. There is even spare pages at the back, which are perfect for jotting down memories that you can come back to later when you have time to fill out the book. The white velvet matte laminated hard cover means this book is made to last, and I can’t wait to keep filling out each month as it comes, watching Elliot grow while recording each detail.

Another speciality over at Rhicreative – their School Days book. What happens when your child grows out of their baby stage? Do you just stop recording things. I know I don’t want to, but I also don’t want to collect piles and piles of artworks and reports and more that take up space. That’s why this School Days book is so idea.

School Days

It’s starts from the age of 2, letting you record favourite toys, favourite activities, memorable moments, birthday celebrations and funny things they do and say. All things that would be forgotten over the years. There is also a nice big blank page for each year that you can fill with artworks and photos.

The book covers ages 2 and 3, Kindergarten/Preschool, Primary school and then the first and last days of secondary school. It really is the perfect keepsake without all the clutter that comes from collecting things.


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