Woogi Woo – Baby Carrier

The first time I was introduced to the wrap was when Cassie was just a few days old. I had no idea what I was doing at the time and was lucky enough to have a friend come over and teach me (the YouTube videos just weren’t cutting it). The minute I held Cassie snuggled against my chest, I was hooked – it felt amazing to have her so close to me and she loved it too. She was so settled. When I found out I was expecting baby number two, I knew I would be carrying a lot more while chasing after my toddler, and that’s when I got my Woogi Woo baby carrier.

Made from bamboo and organic cotton, this stretchy wrap is designed to keep your little one cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter, which has been perfect with the warm weather we have been having. Vivi was just a few days old when I first tested out the wrap. We were headed to the park across the road, and I didn’t want the hassle of having to drag the pram up from the car. Just like the first time I carried Cassie, it was a special moment placing Vivi in that carrier and feeling her so close to me. I was able to push Cassie on the swing, throw around the ball with her and even chase after her, all while Vivi slept on my chest.

The mushroom colour of our wrap means it goes with pretty much any outfit I wear, so I don’t have to worry about any clashes. It also comes in black for that endless style. I love how easy this wrap is to chuck in your bag and bring out with you for the day, unlike the bulkier structured carriers we own. It means I have the option of the pram or the wrap depending on Vivi’s mood and have some extra help settling her during the day.


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