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The other day I took our pram to the park. I love our pram. It gives me my hands free to chase after Cassie, while Vivi can sit and watch from a distance. Turns out, Vivi isn’t so keen on this arrangement anymore and she wants to be up in my arms and part of the action. Problem is, after about five minutes these arms are tired from all her delicious chubbiness and are in desperate need for a break. My biggest regret: why didn’t I bring the ring sling with me? This gorgeous Mahogany Peacock ring sling from Hipababy is the latest in my ever growing collection and is just gorgeous.

The first thing that drew me to this sling was the colour. It is such a statement (hence it’s very well chosen name of Peacock) and the pop of colour was such a refreshing addition my babywearing wardrobe. While this fabric has not specifically being made for babywearing – it feels just as good, which has gained it the nickname of Faux Pfau in many babywearing forums online. This is a play on the name of a woven wrap that features peacocks: Didymos Pfau. But this also means it comes without the price tag, which is an added bonus, because let’s face it, wraps and ring slings and carriers can all get a little expensive when you delve into the world of babywearing.

Just like I enjoy having different clothes to choose from in my wardrobe each day, it is nice to be able to choose from a gorgeous array of slings to hold my little one in. This lovely sling is so nice and comfortable Vivi loves that she can now watch everything going on in the park and doesn’t have to sit off in the shadows. If you are looking at trying out a sling for the first time or are simply after a budget friendly option, this is a sling that not only makes a statement, but is nice and comfy too!


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