Tiny Tots Dividers – Baby Wardrobe Dividers

We love clothes in this household, and itty bitty little girls’ clothes are just my favourite. When I first found out I was expecting a little girl, I may have gone a little crazy with the shopping. Having be raised with three brothers, this was my dream come true. When I found out i was expecting baby girl number 2, things just ramped up a level. After all, anything I bought for Cassie her baby sister would now be able to wear. One thing I wasn’t warned about is how much sizing can differ from one brand to another, and how hard this can make it to keep track of what clothes currently fit. This is why I fell in love with these baby wardrobe dividers from Tiny Tots Dividers.

The idea is simple, you can use these cute little dividers to split up your little one’s clothes into size categories. Not only is it a really sweet idea (that lots of people have complimented me on), but by lining up the clothes in these age brackets I have been able to get a really good idea of what will fit Cassie and when it is likely to fit her – this means I can ignore the actual size on them and go off what I know instead.

We do a wardrobe clean out every couple of weeks to make sure all her clothes are getting worn and we aren’t pulling them out once she has already grown out of them. The fabulous thing is that after Cassie is done with a divider, I can then go and put it in her sister’s closet, so we are getting maximum use out of them.

It’s a really unique and clever way to sort your clothes and you can get them in a number of different patterns to suit your bedroom decor.


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