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I first came across Solly Baby when I was on the hunt for carriers for Elliot before his arrival. I knew with Cassie and Vivi being 3 and 1, I would need my hands free as much as possible when Elliot arrived, and the best way to do this, was with a baby wrap or the pram.

I had used a wrap for both Cassie and Vivi in the early days, but since we were convinced we were done with kids, I had given our wrap away long ago – hence why I was on the hunt. I fell in love with the gorgeous colours over at Solly Baby, and after reading some great reviews, I took the plunge and haven’t looked back.

Solly Baby sells wraps, swaddles and gorgeous clothing sets and all these items are the softest material you will ever find. When they first arrived, I couldn’t stop rubbing them against my skin and taking in just how soft and delicate the material is. I couldn’t wait to hug my newborn close to me in this fabric, and when the time came, it felt just as comfortable and soft as I envisioned.

There are so many benefits to wrapping your baby, and having them nice and close is one of my favourites. As much as I would love to sit down and snuggle Elliot all day long, with two older sisters this just isn’t possible. The wrap is the next best thing. While it can take a little bit of time to get used to the wrap, once you have the hang of it, it’s like riding a bike – you will never forget.

On our first try, Elliot was asleep as soon as I popped him in. Snug as a little newborn bug. Another great benefit of the wrap is that you can breastfeed in them. This took a little while to perfect with Vivi, and I haven’t yet tried with Elliot, but it’s something we will be doing when he is a little bit bigger. After all, I can’t always sit down and feed him when he wants, so the wrap is the perfect way to make him happy – and the girls too.

Solly swaddle

Solly Baby wraps come in so many gorgeous colours, and they have an equally stunning collection of swaddles. Elliot just loves being swaddled and this one is his favourite (and mine too). It is nice and stretchy, which makes all the difference when trying to get a newborn to feel as snug as possible, and the material is so soft. We even have a gorgeous outfit from Solly Baby to try, we are just waiting for Elliot to grow into it.

For a closeness that can’t be matched, check out their full range:


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