Babymel – Zip & Zoe Backpack

Reuben and I were with another friend shopping for a new car seat a few weeks ago, and trying to find a birthday present for our little friend’s 3rd birthday. The boys got very quiet, and I found them both sitting on the floor in front of a display of Babymel zip & zoe backpack, and they had both pulled down the identical dinosaur multi-coloured one off the display. Fantastic, i purchased one on the spot for our friend as they were recommended for 3+ years old. Aiden is smitten with his backpack, and took it to daycare to show all his friends the next day. Reuben kept asking me for the next week about where his dino backpack had gone! So mummy had to get him one!

The Babymel zip & zoe backpack while a little oversized for Reuben at the moment, has fully adjustable straps, meaning I can wear it for him without issue, and the chest strap means that Reuben can still easily wear it. The designs come in a range of prints and colours so there is really something for everyone. I found Reuben in his bedroom unpacking my nappy bag, and placing everything into his new backpack! The front pocket is roomy and now contains two trains, a digger, a teapot, a little doll, a book of stickers and he also had packed some snacks in there! I then added nappies and wipes to the back section and his water bottle into the bottle pouch which keeps it upright and he was off for an adventure.

The bags are part of the Zip & Zoe range which also includes mini backpacks with harnesses for 1-4 year olds, lunch bags and drink bottles. They come with a Zip & Zoe accessory, Reuben’s bag has a Zip keyring toy which he has hanging on his bag. Fun and fashionable these make for a great daycare or whole day outing bag!


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