Lyn’s Label – Bamboo Towel

I am not sure when it happened, but overnight my little girl went from baby to toddler. I can’t help myself as I flick through photos and try and see when the change occurred. She didn’t give me any warning signs, I wasn’t prepared. Suddenly, my sweet little baby who I could wrap up like a little parcel at the end of each bath, was now a fiery, determined toddler, who insisted her towel was no good anymore – she had to use mine. Thank goodness that this gorgeous bamboo towel arrived just in time.

Getting out of the bath had become a battle. Cassie wanted to be just like her mum, which meant using the EXACT same towel and having it wrapped around her in the exact same way. At eight months’ pregnant, her body is a little different to mine, and she would find herself tripping and stumbling the entire walk to her bedroom. I tried to convince her that her towel was even better, and would feel nicer, but it didn’t work – until our bamboo towel arrived.

Cassie’s dad and I were in love from the minute we first touched it. It was so gorgeous and felt so incredibly soft. Cassie must have picked up on this, because right from the get-go, she insisted it was hers. After her first bath, she was just as in love. The towel is nice and lightweight, which means her days of tripping over herself are finally over, and they are so absorbent. The usual drying ritual was toned down much to Cassie’s pleasure.

These gorgeous towels are both┬áhypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, and are nice and gentle on your little one’s skin. If you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift – this one is not only unique but will be treasured for years to come. I know Cassie and I won’t be sharing towels anymore…even though I would like to!


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