Bib and Bonnet – Little Goose

As our second little girl – there wasn’t much we needed to buy for Vivi before she joined us. We had already done all the preparation for Cassie, and she had naturally collected more and more over the years as well. But I wanted Vivi to have nice, new things as well, so I went out of my way to find some pieces (clothes, toys, play mats, etc) that I truly loved just for Vivi. This gorgeous set from Little Goose is one of them.

I have a thing for bonnets. I think they are so utterly adorable and they are so practical as well. On a cool day, they keep those beautiful balding heads nice and warm and on a hot day they are the perfect hat keeping their face out of the sun. Unlike Cassie, Vivi actually needs her bibs. She is a massive, massive drooler (we already have a tooth broken through, so I am sure this has contributed to that!). Vivi needs a bib on pretty much the entire time she is awake, so I have had to stock up on more pretty ones in the process. After all, what’s the point of having a gorgeous outfit on when you simply cover it with a big, ugly bib! This one from Little Goose is just perfect, and I am a huge fan of matchy matchy.

Whether you are looking for a special addition to your little ones wardrobe or are after something unique as a baby shower present, this bonnet and bib set will see a lot of use in those baby days and is so pretty and perfect. You can head over to Little Goose to check out the rest of their range or put in a custom order for something you love!


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