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Big Picnic Rugs – Picnic Season

If it’s a really big picnic rug you are after, you are just going to fall in love with the ones over at Picnic Season. We fell in love with ours the first time we used it. We just took it on a quick trip to the park across the road from us for an afternoon picnic. The girls had great fun helping me lay the picnic rug out and they jumped onto it as quickly as possible.

We’ve all been there before. Whether you are out with friends and their kids, or just playing around with your own brood – normal picnic blankets just don’t seem to have the space. By the time you lay out the food and drinks for everyone, you are left squished off the the side, stretching your legs onto the itchy grass.

Not anymore. These rugs are big. They are a whopping 2.9m by 2.9m, which means you won’t mind sharing! With BIG, beautiful, bright designs that will light up your picnic. I am a huge fan of colour and love the pop that comes from this rug. Plus, it is super easy to clean. You simply wipe down after you use it, or you can even give it a hose if the mess calls for it, and chuck it on the line to dry before putting it away for another day.

Each rug also comes with four aluminium picnic pegs to ensure your rug won’t be blowing off in the win anytime soon. They are also backed with PVC to make sure you stay dry no matter what.

The best part is, this rug will stay a part of our family for years and will fit us all as the kids grow. The perfect investment that will pay itself over the years.


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