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Birth Announcement Posters – Ellow Dee

Bringing a new baby into the world is exciting, scary and amazing, all at once. Whether it is your first child, or your fifth child, your whole world changes the minute you hold that little bundle in your arms, which is why these birth announcement posters from Ellow Dee are the perfect way to mark the occasion as a special keepsake.

cassie and vivi

The day of birth, the time of birth, your baby’s length, their weight, where they were born… all these little details are so significant, as they tell the story of welcoming your child into the world and exactly what they were like that first time you met them. These birth announcement posters are the perfect keepsake that you can treasure for years, and their gorgeous designs makes them the perfect addition to your child’s room or playroom.

I love being able to go back and remember all those important details from Cassie and Vivi’s birth (will have to get Elliot’s done now!) and being able to get them printed and framed for their room. There were so many gorgeous designs to choose from, and Mandy was so great to work with. She double and triple checked all the details and to make sure I was happy with everything before sending them out, adding that special personal touch which I love.


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