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That moment you meet your little one for the first time is incredibly precious. You try and let every single detail sink in as you cuddle them close to you and forget the hours in the lead up. Their tiny little fingers that curl around your own, the soft little lips beginning to root for the breast, their precious cheeks snuggled against your own. Every detail is so important in the first few moments and you want to remember it forever as they get bigger. That’s why I love this birth details ruler from Blacklist Prints. It is the perfect way to mark such a special occasion that will stay with you over the years.

I got this ruler made up for a friend of mine who had her little boy shortly after Vivienne was born. I was still so wrapped up in that newborn phase, I knew it would make the perfect gift through the simple fact it was something I would love to receive. I am a huge fan of wooden products (as is the mum I was buying for) and loved being able to customise the details to what I wanted.

I worked with X to get every little detail right, down to the font I wanted to use, and no change was too big or small. The end result is just gorgeous and I had lots of fun opening it up and checking it out before handing it over as a present. The mum loved it to bits as well and thought it was the perfect gift.

Blacklist Prints also do a range of other personalised wooden gifts, so be sure to check out their site in the lead-up to Christmas. It is always nice to surprise a loved one with such a unique and unexpected gift!


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