Bivouac Kid – Billibag

Reuben is very much into small sized toys that he can carry around with him – plastic diggers, matchbox cars, Octonaut Gups, his duplo “rocket” and a stack of toy trains. The issue we have is that he likes to bring more than he can carry with him not only around the house, but if we are going to stay at Nonna’s house, or heading away on a short break. We normally limit the madness to what will fit in a small lunchbag that he can carry around himself – that was until we received a Bivouac Kid, Billibag.

The Biviouac Kid Billibag is a stylish and practical storage bag come playmat that easily transitions from Reuben’s bedroom, out to the kitchen so he can move his toys around with him with the pull of the drawstrings. It is quite large, so fits all he needs, but is still a bit large for him to carry by himself. We ended up at Nonna’s house last weekend, and it enabled him to throw his toys in, and then we did up the drawstrings and put it in the car, and then when he got to Nonna’s he could just lay his toys out on their floor.

It also features two sturdy black handles that mean the bag and his toys currently can live on the door handle in his bedroom so they stay off the floor and out of the way when he isn’t playing with them, and easy to grab and move to another room. We have the bag in white, but it comes in a range of fun colours. Easy to wash and dry, we think it would be great for a trip to the beach even with all the sand toys and as a rug to sit on when he gets there.

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