Bombol – Bamboo Bouncer

As I walked into our home the other day, I stopped and had to pause at how much Cassie really had taken over our apartment. There’s the doll’s house in one corner, the rocking horse, the kids’ kitchen, another corner full of puzzles and books and soft toys, the doll’s cradle and high chair, and just enough space to walk between it all – and that’s just our living room!

We had always managed it by getting rid of the toys she had outgrown and letting the new toys take over, but with number two now here, I began to realise this wasn’t going to work anymore, as there was no space for anything for the new baby! I went back through Cassie’s old baby stuff and made the hard decisions about what would stay and what would go, and decided to update plenty of things in the process. With her big sister around and in her face, I knew I needed a good bouncer I could put Vivi in, where she would be off the ground and not likely to be stepped on in the process. It can be tough having an older sister!

Many bouncers go up to 9kg, which is about the size Cassie was at just over 12 months. I wanted something to last a bit longer, which is when I came across the Bombol bouncer. It is the first bouncer that is certified for kids from birth to five years old, which means at the moment, both girls can use it. For Vivi, it’s a great place to sit up and view the world (aka, her crazy big sister), while for Cassie, it’s a great place to sit and watch some TV. I love that both girls can get use out of it at the same time, means it is worth the space it takes up.

The dynamic backrest means they can choose the position they sit in simply by shifting their weight, and with the newborn insert, it is super padded and comfortable. Cassie also loves giving Vivi a gentle push up and down, which saves me the trouble and gets Vivi off to sleep from time to time.

The other great thing about this bouncer is the way it looks. Available in Denim Blue and Pebble Grey, it blends in with the rest of the furniture in our house, which means it can well and truly grow with our family over time. Many other kids’ products on the market are full of bright, in your face colours that take over your house and eventually get tossed when the kids are sick of them.

I know this bouncer is going to get so much use over the years between both Vivi and Cassie – in fact we have five years of enjoyment to get out of it. We made a neat little space in our living room for it (while packing away some of Cassie’s toys into her room), to create the perfect space that doesn’t look like a kiddie tornado has swept through and taken over.

To discover more about the Bombol bouncer, check them out: website, Facebook, Instagram.

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