Booster Chair – The Upsy Store

Firstly, this is one of the cutest chairs I have ever seen, and so practical in so many ways. The first day we received our Upsy Chair (with super speedy shipping), my three-year-old Cassie was delighted: “Is this for me Mummy?” Her eyes were beaming when I said yes (and that she had to share with her sister – sharing is ok since Vivi is too young to fight for anything yet).

We now use it on a daily basis. Vivi probably isn’t quite up to sitting on it yet by herself, but the chair itself is so close to the ground that I am not worried about her falling of hurting herself. She confidently climbs on and off and feels like one of the ‘big kids’, which is something she constantly strives for! She even sat in it and watched me clean the car and felt so proud of herself.

The other great thing is that it can be used as a booster seat. Cassie can join us at the ‘big’ table without the need for a booster seat (which she says is for babies). She also uses it as a step stool in the kitchen so she can help me out when preparing for dinner, and it often makes it way outside to help her climb on things she probably shouldn’t.

Pros for all the parents out there? It cleans with a simple wipe (so easy). It’s waterproof too, which is especially handy when it gets left outside without notice.

There are so many gorgeous designs to choose from, and no doubt in a short while we are going to have to get a second to avoid any of the fights in this house!

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