Bubnest – Portable Bed

We knew shortly before we had Angus that we were going to be doing a fair bit of travel in his first six months – with family and friends in other states, and an overseas trip booked for my husbands work. We wanted Angus to have a safe sleeping space wherever he was – and so i came across Bubnest. Bubnest is a portable bed for babies from birth to about 6 months due to being adjustable – it is made from organic materials in Brisbane! I love an Australian product, especially one made to help my little guy sleep.

While we got this as a bed, it has also proved invaluable as a safe play space for Angus. He has been able to sleep soundly on a nice thick mattress in comfort, whether it has been co-sleeping or on the floor next to our bed on our holiday. He has played in it at a park, on a couch, and on our wooden floor to keep him warm in winter. We also purchased the extra liner, which means we can pull this out for an easy wash and quick dry solution if he has a little vomit or leaks through his nappy, or at the moment covering everything with dribble!

It fits neatly into a canvas bag, that fit neatly into our suitcase on our trip, and literally just unfolds for Angus’s bed to be ready in 2 seconds. It comes in a range of stunning designs and prints – we have the Bjorn – perfect for our trip to Sweden! The mattresses are made from an organic latex which is breathable, dust and allergen free and washable, and while the quality is such i think it could be handed down for future babies it is also 100% recyclable.

Sleep is golden both for happy babies and happy mum’s and the Bubnest is a high quality bed that will last your baby easily from birth to 6 months+.

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  1. Jordan

    When cosleeping with Bubnest, how do you dress baby? My guess is they are less warm than when on the same surface as mom, but more if they were in a cot alone.

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