Chillafish Bunzi

Chillafish Bunzi Bike

The Chillafish Bunzi is a sweet little ride-on trike that also can convert into a 2 wheel balance bike. The Bunzi is made from lightweight ABS plastic, which has possibly become 22 month old Angus’s favourite feature, as it is light enough for him to carry it around to where he wants to ride! He is often to be found wandering around our grass with his bike in tow.

The Bunzi has a few interesting quirks, it comes fully assembled, which is a huge positive. However, it only has 2 seat heights, it has one height when in 3 wheel mode, and a slightly higher seat height when it becomes 2 wheel. Changing between the 2 modes is super easy, you unscrew a little plastic wingnut (by hand not with a screwdriver), and then spin the wheels and pull them apart to get into 3 wheel mode or pop them together for the balance bike setting. The spinning is also what raises the seat height. As the bike is lightweight and the wheels are close set, the wheels don’t get in the way of little legs moving, however as they are close set even in tricycle mode it isn’t massively stable compared to a standard tricycle with very wide back wheels. This means that it is best suited to confident walkers in the 12-24 month category. The short height of the seat however means that it is unlikely unless they are very confident or super early walkers, that this will still be a good height for your child by the time they are ready for a balance bike. But as it is a little rocky even in 3 wheel mode they will excel at a balance bike when they do get to one.

Another lovely little feature that Angus is enjoying is that there is under seat storage on the Bunzi, meaning he can fill the seat with rocks or other little treasures as he explores the park. Or he can stow his safety goggles when he wants to wear his helmet instead! The other bonus to the Chillafish Bunzi is that the wheels have a rubber outer, meaning that it is perfect and quiet for cruising through the house on our wooden floors, or for while learning before they brave the park.

Overall I think this is a great little trike for small toddlers being lightweight, easy to clean, some fun extra little features like knickknack storage and the ease of assembly and adaptability to different skill levels.


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