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Busy Bee Counting Wood Rounds

At three-and-a-half years old, Cassie is really interested in learning to count. She has recently moved into the preschool room at daycare, and comes home each day, pointing out numbers she sees on signs, and counting her way up the stairs to her bedroom each night. I wanted to encourage her excitement and love of counting and these Busy Bee Counting Wood Rounds from @real_learners_play were just perfect.

The set comes with 10 wooden rounds representing the numbers 0-9 on them. The bees on the rounds are 3D and nice and tactile, making them just perfect for a little one learning to count, as they can touch and feel each one they are counting in the process. You can also get a set of Number Wood Rounds from 0-9, which are just perfect for helping Cassie recognise the numbers while learning to count. We play a matching game with them and I just love watching how much she has learned and improved each time.

We are now in the process of counting beyond 10, matching the numbers together to creating bigger ones and combining the bees to add up. Cassie still needs a lot of help with this process, but it’s such a great learning tool that will continue to grow with her.

The rounds are made of pine wood with bark and are simply gorgeous. Plus, they come in drawstring bags, which makes them so easy to pack up and take with us on and outing to a cafe, where Cassie can sit at the table and entertain herself.


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