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Cake 2 The Rescue

When it comes to birthdays for the kids, I want them to be as special as possible. I have an AMAZING friend who creates some truely incredible cakes and has always helped us out for parties, but for their actual birthday day – that cake is down to me.

It has to be homemade – that’s part of the love that goes into it. And I let them choose. Being just 4 and 2, I haven’t had any outrageous requests just yet, but I know they are to come.

Oh, and one more thing, both my girls are born just one week apart, which means birthday period is just crazy. Gearing up for their fourth and second birthdays this year, I came across Cake 2 The Rescue. If you haven’t heard of them, jump on over the their site, because I swear by these guys.

The idea is, you pick a cake and they send you everything, and I mean EVERYTHING (minus the fresh ingredients) you need to put together some truely amazing cakes.

ballerina cake

Cassie picked out a ballerina cake and Vivi chose and cat one. I was both excited and nervous to test these kits out. Nervous because, what if I failed! But, never fear, failing was never an option. These kits come with detail instructions and every tool you need to ace it. That includes a disposable cake box, cutters, fondant in the right colours and even a cake serving tray. I was amazed when I opened the box and saw exactly what was included.

It was so easy to follow the steps – and the fun part – it didn’t have to look just like the one on the box. I was able to have a bit of fun with it once I got into the creation and made it work for us. After all, it needed that homemade touch in it!

cat cake

I did both girls’ cakes and they loved them. Even better, both of them helped me out in the process. They helped back, they rolled out the fondant (even a mini rolling pin was included) and they helped stick things on. They had a blast watching it all come together.

cake 2 the rescue

The truth – these cakes were FAR to good to just be eaten at home on their birthday. We took the first one to a family event and shared it there and sent Vivi to daycare with hers to share it with friends.

So make sure to head on over and check them out, they have so many amazing designs to choose from!


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