Car Shades – Baby Got Shade

Honestly, the amount of times we have gone driving and I have to deal with Cassie screaming over the fact it was “sunny in her eyes” is beyond me. We tried everything. I gave her sunglasses to help the matter, but she ripped them off straight away. We bought some of the window socks and put them over the window, but it did nothing to block out the sun – and then finally we came across Baby Got Shade.

Ok, it’s true, you can sell me anything that has flamingoes on it, but there is so much more to these amazing car shades. I’ll be the first to admit they can be a little tricky to get on. I recommend reading the instructions a couple of times over and getting someone to help out. Cassie was the only one around when we did ours, and she did a fabulous job of helping me peel them off the sticker (when they wanted to keep rolling back up) – and thank goodness she was there. They stick to the inside of your window, while still allowing it to wind up and down as normal as they are so slim.

From the inside, your little ones can see the patterns – so in our case, the flamingoes. And Cassie points these out to anyone and everyone. From the outside you see nothing – it’s just black. How brilliant is that?!

But the most brilliant thing of course is that Cassie hasn’t once complained about the sun since we put them up. This is completely unheard of in our house. We have whole trips to daycare without one whinge. They’re like magic for us! I put another set up on Vivi’s door too and feel extra good about that fact she is also protected. You can head to Baby Got Shade to check out all the awesome designs they have and choose one your kids will love.


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