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We recently made a big change in our family. We moved from a small little apartment into a family home with enough space for two crazy kids to run wild. This extra space has been so welcomed, with a dedicated toy room just for the girls to enjoy. And it’s meant we have been able to get a little creative with our play activities, which is why I was so excited to test out the gorgeous castle from Udidit.

I waited for a quiet afternoon home with Cassie (while Vivi was asleep), before taking it out of the box and tackling it. Cassie watched for a minute, before insisting that we should wait for Daddy – thanks for the vote of confidence kiddo! Instead, I persevered and it was really quite simple. With Cassie as my wingman, holding some of the sections in place for me, we had the castle up in no time and Cassie was inside within seconds.

In hindsight, we probably should have done some of the colouring before setting it up – yes, the castle comes with a set of textas so you can get creative decorating it! But then again, Cassie is a little young to understand we were colouring in a castle, but once it was built, she was more than happy to scribble away. She proudly shows off her talent to anyone who comes to visit.

This castle has been up in our house for a couple of weeks, and is still the centre of Cassie’s world. All the toys are piled into it each morning (and her sister too if she is feeling in a good mood) and on go the princess shoes and crown. Hours of entertainment and such a simple concept. It also comes with a great box that we plan on packing it back up into when Cassie does eventually tire of it, just to store in the garage for a little while before bringing it out again – toys on rotation is what our home is all about.

They have plenty of designs to choose from, including planes, rockets and more, so make sure you head over to Udidit to see them all!


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