Dolls house

Cardboard Doll House – A Mouse With A House

Pretend play is a real winner in our home. Dolls, dolls and more dolls – the girls can’t get enough. It’s not something we ever pushed on them. Cassie was given her first doll for her first birthday and showed zero interest. Slowly, it crept in over the years (I think having a baby sister prompted it) and Vivi now just loves to copy her big sister, which means dolls our our favourite. Now that Cassie is 3.5 years old, she is starting to get into smaller, fine motor play which is offered in doll houses, like this gorgeous cardboard one.

Dolls house set up

It’s a different concept – a cardboard dolls house. We have the big, wooden dolls house too, it lives in the girls room, but Cassie is still learning to play with that one. With so many pieces and so many different things to take in and out, it can be quite distracting. This cardboard version is so simple, it’s the perfect introduction into pretend play. There are no bits and pieces to pull out – instead, all the furniture comes as stickers that go on the walls. Cassie loves choosing a new doll house family each day (from one of our other toys) and popping them into this cardboard house and gets playing immediately.

Inside dolls house

It also means Vivi can have a turn too. We don’t let her touch the wooden one upstairs, as it is very fragile and we have already lost a door or two. Vivi is still too young to get into the pretend play, but once again, loves copying her big sister and putting the smaller dolls into the house and taking them from room to room.

I am not going to lie, I am not great at building things, and this house was no exception. While the instructions are great, stickers do my head in! While I would have loved to sit Cassie down with me to build it, I ended up needing to do it on my own just to get everything on – but Cassie was ok with that and loved the end result. We now keep this house in our spare room downstairs so Cassie can escape and play whenever she likes (much more accessible than our other house upstairs).


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