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We were never set on going for a third child. In fact, after two perfect girls, we were pretty sure it was time to stop and hang in the towel. I was so convinced that we were done, that we started getting rid of everything baby related in an attempt to move on from that period in our lives. Yet this nagging feeling persisted and sure enough, shortly after we were trying for number three to complete our family.

merchant with Elliot

One of the best parts about giving away all our baby things was the excuse to go shopping and find items I really wanted! It was a chance to spoil myself third time around and really get things that would help – I now had the experience of two babies behind me and I knew what I wanted. With both girls, we used a change table that sat on top of a set of drawers. I never enjoyed the fact it wasn’t portable and I only had one place to change them when I needed. This time around – I wanted the portable option. That’s when I came across the gorgeous changing basket from Little Merchants.

These fair-trade baby changing baskets are just gorgeous, which means I love having it around the home and it isn’t something I want to hide in the cupboard for when I need it – which is lucky since my little newborn needs very frequent nappy changes! The basket is eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical – not to mention highly practical. The great part is that once Elliot grows out of it, we can still use the basket for storage under the bed, for toys and so much more.

The baskets are weaved by artisans in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana, made from elephant grass. That means each basket supports the local weavers and their families offering a stable income.

girls with basket

The girls have also taken over our change basket as the perfect place to change their dolls – and of course to help out with Elliot in the process. It is a much loved accessory in our home and I love both the beauty and convenience it offers when it comes to nappy change time.


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