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Charm Bracelet – My Little Silver

Cassie loves nothing more than to match me. She is at an age now where she gets excited when we are both wearing dresses, when her hair is up like mine and even when she gets to eat what we are eating! You can imagine her delight when she opened a gorgeous little jewellery box with a special charm bracelet just for her. “I match Mummy!” were her first words.

The gorgeous bracelets over at My Little Silver are just perfect for little girls. Cassie put hers on straight away and wouldn’t take it off. She proudly showed off the charm on it, telling everyone she had a ‘watermelon’ on her wrist. I did try correcting her a few times and telling her it was a strawberry but there was no listening from her! So watermelon it is.

BRacelet girl

I love that we can build on her collection and give her new charms to mark special occasions, to not only fill up the bracelet to be exactly like Mummy’s one, but also to create lots of sentimental memories along the way as well.

Funny enough, the owner Ilana started the business when her almost three year old wanted a silver bracelet just like her mum’s. Seems like it is a common theme amongst little girls! The beautiful pieces she created grow with the children, so for a nice, affordable price, you get a gift that will last your child for a long time.

Now this Mumma can’t wait to go shopping and pick out Cassie’s next charm! She keeps telling me she is a ballet dancer, so maybe those little ballet shoes…

Charm Bracelet


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