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We have some exciting news to share! Cassie has graduated from the baby room at childcare and is now a settled and happy member of the toddler room. This transition happened while I was in hospital giving birth to Vivi (there was a little miscommunication there) and I am so proud of how well she has settled in and adjusted to this new room, however somewhere in the chaos of new baby life I missed the memo about providing her bed sheets. In the baby room, everything was provided for you. I rummaged through our linen and chucked a bottom sheet into the bag – I didn’t have time to think about much else. Then I came across the Living Textiles Childcare Nap Mat and just knew we needed it.

Firstly, the design is just gorgeous. I may have a little obsession with flamingoes and was so excited by the colours as well. Secondly, have you ever seen something so practical? Cassie isn’t big on sleeping at childcare. She has FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and the teachers struggle to get her to close her eyes. They have noticed a big difference since we started sending the nap mat (they were all in love with it too). By creating a sleep environment for Cassie, she was more likely to snuggle up and close her eyes.

These mats are sized to perfectly fit the childcare stack beds, with four elastics on the corners to help loop the mat onto the bed and keep it in place (even while Cassie wriggles about). You can then roll it back up and use these elastics to secure it in place like a sleeping bag. They are machine washable, so once a week we throw them into the wash so it is good as new to head off to childcare.

But the best part is how much Cassie loves it. She carries it into childcare herself, and her teachers have told me she loves to help them unroll it before climbing in. Such a great idea and saves all our sheets for home!


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