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Childcare Sheet Sets

If you have kids in childcare, then you are all too familiar of the checklist of items you have to make sure they take with them each day, not to mention also bring home at the end of the day and, of course, the washing the ensues. I am now up to two kids in childcare and it can be hard to keep up some days. We have had sheets go missing, cuddlies left behind and drink bottles never to be seen again. These childcare sheet sets from Living Textiles are the perfect solution.

Made from 100% cotton jersey, their sheets have been specifically designed for childcare cots and childcare stacking beds, so you never have to worry about baggy sheets again. They are beautifully designed in a range of lined colours, with a built-in pillow case and removable pillow, so everything stays in the one place (which makes life so much easier at pick up time!).

These sets are nice and compact, meaning they fold up easily into your child’s bag AND they are machine washable, so you can simply bring them home and pop them in the wash with everything else.

I love that Vivi’s sheets now stand out, which makes them harder to loose in a daycare setting, plus they fit perfectly to her bed with no overhang! Vivi is just in the process of moving from a cot to a bed at daycare, so these sheets will make it that little bit easier for her (and a big bit easier for me).


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