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Colourful unisex clothing – Roasted Fox

Reuben often laments that his female friends are dressed in bright colours taking in the spectrum of a rainbow, and he is often limited to main stream boy colours of blues, greys and blacks. We bought a lot of clothes when we were in Scandinavia last year as they love a repeating colourful pattern, and branch out from the traditional dinosaurs, cars and monsters that often accompany young boys clothes. As soon as I met Bek from Roasted Fox I knew she and I had similar issues dressing our children – the difference being that Bec had gone out there and done something about it. She has created this stunning range of Australian designed clothes that are unisex, colourful, lend themselves to being dressed up or down and are superbly fun!

I have waited a while since getting this outfit to write about it, as I wanted to test how it washed and wore multiple times. Often times with very colourful clothes you unfortunately will get wash fade very quickly, instead the Roasted Fox leggings and cardigan sweater have stood up to Reuben’s rough and tumble play and to our frequent wash routine.  The leggings feature both a reinforced knee details, and a back pocket for storing little treasures. The back pocket also has a little fox tail embroidered on it as if the fox is hiding in the pocket. It is little details like this that provide a childlike frivolity to a great design. They also with 95% good quality cotton are not see thru, and are nice and thick meaning they will wear well. I love leggings on my boys as I know they are easy to pull on and off for toileting, they provide an ease of movement that a more structured pant doesn’t which helps with climbing rocks and rolling down grassy embankments.

I am also a sucker for dressing my kids to look like grandparents – I love nothing more than an old fashioned cardigan. The Roasted Fox sweater cardigan is a thick terry cotton meaning it is warm but soft and snuggly. The colour on the Ritchie cardigan is just fantastically vibrant. It features a wide v-neck making it easy to pull on over little people’s heads, or the big buttons mean kids Reuben’s age can dress themselves. It is a more formal statement than a hoody, but still exceptionally fun.

Roasted Fox have a range of pants, tshirt’s, jumpers, skirts and dresses – there is no limit to the fun you can have in dressing your little one, and with sizes ranging from 6 months to 10 years old there is something for everyone!


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