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Counting Board and Tray – Mandarin Readers

Moving up into the Preschool room at daycare has really boosted Cassie’s interest in learning, and numbers are her favourite at the moment. She just loves counting, working her way up our stairs each evening counting each step, then choosing books at bedtime that she can count the animals in. We stop on each page for her to have a go. The stunning Natural Counting Board and Trace and Count Number Trays from Mandarin Readers have been just perfect for helping to build on this.

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We try and give Cassie time out each day away from her younger siblings to either spend with us alone, or just by herself. This is where we bring out the toys that can’t be around the little ones and where we can focus if she needs our help as the others are asleep and not needing our attention.

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We started off with the Natural Counting Board and it was love at first sight when Cassie saw the little balls she got to play with. She got started immediately sorting them into colour piles and preferred to count them out first before popping them into the grooves on the board under each number. There is a certain colour pattern you need to follow to have each number a colour of its own, although at 3.5 years, Cassie was happy to have multicoloured blocks instead.


Once she had finished this game, I got out the Trace and Count Number Trays and it was the perfect follow-on task. She started at 1, traced the number with her finger and moved the ball under the number 1 on the board over into the tray. She did this for each of the numbers and didn’t even need me there to help.

counting trays

I love that we can add on to both these games in time as Cassie gets older and expands her learning. We can place two trays next to each other and she her how to do addition and subtraction, we can find grab some wooden tweezers for picking up the balls to help her fine motor skills, and lots more. Most of all, I love that it’s fun and something Cassie wants to do. I can leave her with the balls and the board and let her guide her own play and it’s wonderful to watch.

Mandarin Readers also has plenty of number themed books that can be used side by side with these tools, making it even easier as a parent to guide the learning.


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