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Craft Packs – Made it Myself Box

Angus had his first birthday a few weeks ago, and in the true fashion of a kid’s party, he was the youngest attendee by a few years! By the time we had invited the family and all the cousins and our closest friends we were having a bigger party than expected, with a fair few kids. I wanted to have his party as a cow theme – as he had been named after Angus Beef Cows (long story for another day!). Food for a cow theme was easy between beef and milk I was sorted, but trying to find activities that were suitable for a park, that were cow themed proved a little more challenging. Besides pin the tail on the cow, and a pass the parcel I was left with nothing.

Until I discovered Made it Myself Box -and their craft kits. These people get me! They know I hate the mess of craft, but love the idea of the kids doing it. That I hate having to have every type of pipe cleaner, glue and paintbrush always available without being dried out or stuck together and findable in the house. My idea of craft is baking some cookies and decorating them, not getting paint to paper. Made it Myself Box sent me kits that had everything needed for the kids to each make a little cow craft project our of a paper cup. There was glue, and pipe cleaners, wool and paper cut outs for personalising the cows and of course the paper cups and laminated instructions!

In the middle of a park we were able to set out a picnic rug and have all the kids sitting there making little cows that each looked unique and individual, and it all came in a box! Pack up was minimal as there was only what was required for the activity. For the people who had to rush off it was also easy to hand them a craft set so their kids could continue partying for Angus’s birthday once they got home!

You can buy multiples of items, or mystery packs that have a range of craft. These are the perfect little packs to keep at home for a rainy day or when friends come around for a play date. There is also something for everyone from dinosaurs and machinery, farm animals to seasonal kits and more and from as little as $2.50 per kit they are a great resource.

craft packs


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