Nico & Harp – Crochet Rug

One of my favourite things about being pregnant is setting up the nursery. I honestly don’t understand how people have the willpower to not find out the sex of their baby until they arrive. I used to think that would be me, but from day one with Cassie I felt she was a girl and I just had to know. Of course, once I did, I went a little bit crazy with the nursery decor. Second time around with my second girl on the way, things haven’t changed one bit. My favourite piece: our gorgeous crochet rug.

The decorating process is lots of fun. Choosing a theme, deciding on what you need, buying all the bits and pieces and bringing it all together. Unfortunately for our second daughter, we don’t quite have a full bedroom to give her (just yet, anyway). She is sharing her room with Daddy’s study, and we are making the most of it. The one item I needed to add a statement that was all about our little girl, was the gorgeous crochet rug from Nico & Harp.

This gorgeous piece really does stand out in the nursery and brings all the other items together. Plus, it fits in perfectly with our teepee and I know Cassie will have a lot of fun in their as well, so both girls will get a lot of use out of it. Handmade pieces like this truely are a treasure and the team at Nico & Harp have created a timeless piece that is both well made and looks just gorgeous.

Now to play the waiting game until number two decides to make their arrival!


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