Halo and Horns – Crossback Romper

With Summer just around the corner I am eagerly packing away all of Cassie’s winter clothes and making way for her Summer wardrobe. There is nothing better than pretty rompers with knee high socks, flowy dress she can run around in and skirt and top combinations. I am so glad to be rid of the jumpers and leggings that have seen Cassie through Winter and to start off with a fresh wardrobe. We have a new favourite item this Summer: Halo & Horns’ crossback romper.

This piece will take you back to your own childhood days, running barefoot through the leaves and frolicking out in the backyard with your siblings. Simple, classic and timeless, this romper is super lightweight and absorbent, making it perfect for soaking up those Summer rays. Cassie loved getting dressed up in it with her bare back on display (this rarely happens) and felt so nice and cool on those hot days we have had of late. I love how timeless the piece is and that it can be passed on to Vivi in a few years time to get some extra wear out of it.

We trialled the outfit at the park the other day, and both Chris and I were impressed. Cassie is a runner and a climber, and her clothes never stay clean for long. Sure enough, 20 minutes in and there was dirt everywhere. Yet, somehow, by the time we got home, most of it had simply rubbed off the outfit and it was looking as good as new! We couldn’t believe it – the material just doesn’t attract the dirt, which is great with a toddler. With the Summer season just starting, I know Cassie will be getting lots of wear out of this one.


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