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Dinosaur Tail & Hood – Philly Pop Design

Sparking a child’s imagination is a gorgeous thing. Watching them embrace a concept, dress up and learn is empowering and fun for them. Reuben loves dinosaurs, and so for his birthday a few weeks ago we gifted him a Philly Pop Design Dinosaur Tail and Hood. He enjoys pretending to be things, and creates stories, but hasn’t really embraced dressing up apart from the odd wearing of a cheap fireman’s hat at home, however he had been dressing up a bit at a playgroup we go to.

We had previously given a tail to one of his friends who loves running around in her tail, so thought it would be nice for them both to have one! So far the dinosaur tail and hood have been scooting, trampolining, tree climbing and just for sitting around! I love watching him use his imagination and create little stories. His dinosaur in this photo was fishing for its dinner!

 Philly Pop Designs make handmade costume accessories such as dinosaur tails, octopus legs, faux fur animal hoods and mermaid tails. There is an item to delight any child in their shop, and a range of fabulous materials and colour choices in each product. The tails are designed with a velcro closure so fit a range of size children, and will easily fit Reuben for another few years. The hood closes with a snap closure and again will easily fit for a few years and would suit a range of head sizes.

 The costumes are all beautifully made to stand up to kids play and they can be made to fit sizes 2 through to 10. The biggest issue will be selecting which costume to choose, will your kids want a dinosaur tail like Reuben, or I think next he may need a shark tail!

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