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I never really got into babywearing with Cassie. She was a great sleeper and was happy to go in her cot day and night, and the Summer days when she was little were far too hot to have her attached to me. Instead, I opted for the pram. By the time she was six months old, she wouldn’t have a bar of it. She screamed if I put her in a carrier and just wanted to get out as quickly as possible. I wanted things to be different with Vivi, so I treated myself to the Blossom Tula before she arrived, ready to get into babywearing from the start. Turns out, Cassie loves babywearing her dolls thanks to Cute As A Button By Pia & Jack.

When Vivi arrived, Cassie wanted to copy everything I did. If Vivi had a bottle, Cassie needed one for dolly. If Vivi was wrapped up in a swaddle, Cassie needed to wrap dolly up. If Vivi was in the Tula, dolly needed to be in Cassie’s carrier. I can’t tell you how excited Cassie was to receive her very special dolls carrier from┬áCute As A Button By Pia & Jack. The pattern matches my Tula (as closely as possible), and with a bit of help, Cassie can have dolly attached to her in seconds. And trust me, dolly is attached to her every day.

Cassie now babywears more than Vivi and I do, and has even mastered the art of the back carry, which is a step ahead of me. Whenever we have friends over, she insists on showing her pretty carrier off to them, and she receives so many compliments on it, while I am constantly asked where she got it from. People are amazed at how much it resembles an actual carrier – and it really does! I’m pretty sure this is the part Cassie likes most. Whenever she mimics me and Vivi with her dolly, it has to be as lifelike as possible, with Cassie using all of Vivi’s wraps and sleepsuits and bottles herself. Now she has a carrier her size that looks just like mine – she loves it.


  • Please note, all the carriers at┬áCute As A Button By Pia & Jack are for ages 3+

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