Bunny Loves Teddy – Dress With Crown

I don’t know whether it is a direct result of me dressing her in pink frills from the day she was born, or if it is just in her nature, but Cassie absolutely adores dresses and loves putting things on her head – even more so these days because she sees her little sister Vivi with headbands on each day and wants to match her. This beautiful handmade dress with crown set she received from Bunny Loves Teddy is just stunning and satisfies both her loves.

As soon as we opened this gorgeous package, Cassie grabbed the crown and ran off to try it on in front of the mirror. She came back to show it off to me, twirling on the spot as she did. Straight away, I knew it was a hit. Some mornings we have trouble getting Cassie out of her pyjamas and into clothes for the day, but when I showed her this dress, she was all too eager.

I just love how unique the design is. It isn’t something you can walk into a shop and buy off the rack, which is what makes it so special. The gorgeous vintage fabrics work so well together and create the perfect little party dress with matching crown. The maker, Belinda (aka Bunny), puts it perfectly: “It’s all about dressing up, imaginative play and being whoever you want to be!”

Cassie is going to get a lot of wear out of this gorgeous piece (I am having enough trouble getting her to take it off!), and even better, it will be handed down to her sister one day too.

If you are looking for clothing that delivers a little magic in the process, then make sure you jump over to check out the rest of Belinda’s creations.


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