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Easter Playdough Stamps – Beadie Bug Play

It’s no secret in our household that Cassie loves playdough. I don’t mean just a little bit. Our three-year-old girl is completely and utterly obsessed with it and would play with it every single day if I let her. We have never splashed out and bought her heaps and heaps of accessories for it (we have the gorgeous natural set here), which is why these gorgeous Easter Playdough Stamps from Beadie Bug Play were the perfect addition to her collection.

This five stamp set features iconic Australian Easter themes: a Bilby, the Easter bunny, two patterned Easter eggs and a little chick. The first thing we did when we took them out of the packet and talk about each one. While Cassie is starting to understand Easter and what it means, it is all still really new for her, so any opportunity to explain things further is welcome. She wanted to get started straight away, and let’s be honest, who can blame her.

Turns out, it is the most mess-free experience we have ever had with playdough. She loved being able to stamp until her heart’s content, telling me what objects she was making. It also made great use of her imagination, as she explained that she had stamped a family of Bilbies who were all enjoying their Easter chocolate. Or that the little baby chick was off in search of their mummy.

I loved watching her roll the playdough back up and go again, coming up with new and exciting stories to go with what she was doing. She also liked trying to build her own chick and Easter egg out of the playdough, copying the design of the stamp.

The sets can also be used in salt dough and for baking (with a wipe and reoil afterwards). They are handmade from Australian timbers, well-sanded and finished with linseed oil. The toppers are laser-cut birch ply. Each set is unique, due to the varieties of timber used.


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