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eBay – Sock Ons

Have you heard of sock ons? Either had I until my sister in law mentioned them to me. At first I thought they sounded like a very odd concept: material that helps to keep your kids socks on. I thought to myself: now why on earth would I need that?

I will tell you exactly why: so you can avoid spending day in and day out finding socks hidden under the couch, falling out of the pram as you walk, or misplaced and lost for good. Babies are wriggly by nature and socks just aren’t always practical. Sure, they keep your kids’ socks on, but they are forever coming off. Cassie was only four months old and I was already learning this one. I didn’t want to spend a lot on this product, so when I found Sock Ons on eBay, I was all for it. It was worth a try.

They worked a wonder. For a good few months, and over winter, we managed to keep our socks on without a problem. It made life so simple and easy and I didn’t have to bend down in the middle of the road or run back frantically in search of that one elusive sock. Of course, Cassie is now old enough for shoes and this presents a whole new problem. She likes to pick her own each morning and that’s a whole new battle of its own.



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