Effortless Eco – Modern Cloth Nappies

We have been using modern cloth nappies since Reuben was a newborn. We have tried many different brands and styles, but are always on the lookout for something that is both innovative, functional, easy to wash and wear.. and Reuben being the stylish little guy he is wants something that looks and feels good! And so we came across Effortless Eco – with their range of Modern Cloth Nappies made in a soft touch material, that is both soft, silky and shiny at the same time. The normal range includes designs such as dinosaurs, zoo animals and the alphabet. Reuben instead demanded the limited release ‘Mechanic’ design nappy featuring trains, planes and cars! His idea of heaven in a nappy!!!

These nappies have a really easy or ‘effortless’ design in that normally with a cloth nappy you need to take liners out of pockets, or unclip liners, instead this nappy has 4 layers of hemp and cotton liners built into the nappy, meaning you can just wash and wear. Or even better it has a pocket so you can boost the nappy for night time use or to cater to a heavy wetter. They are one size fits most, meaning you can snap the nappies down to fit smaller bubs or to help you get the optimum fit. There are also two really important features we have learnt to look for in a cloth nappy to help avoid leaks – a double leg gusset helps hold in solids or liquids, and an elasticated back helps get the best fit to avoid the dreaded poosplosions up the back -the effortless eco nappies feature both of these!

These are a great affordable nappy, that will last from birth through to toilet training. Check our Effortless Eco’s website to see their range of cute designs.



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