ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag and Winter Onesie

We are long time fans of the ErgoPouch products and have been using them since Cassie was a newborn. She loved to be swaddled nice and tight for every sleep, and it wasn’t long before we realised the blankets weren’t doing the job (she always found her way out!). This was when we first fell in love with the Ergo zip-up swaddles.

Before long, winter came around and we wanted to avoid introducing too many blankets to the cot, knowing it can be a SIDs risk – and that’s when we discovered the ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag.

This sleep suit bag has seen Cassie through two winters, Vivi through one (so far) and will be passed onto Elliot when he is big enough. They are such great quality and so snug and warm for kids, it has been perfect for us before we introduced the blanket with Cassie at the age of three.

So, naturally, we had to get another one, so now when one sleeping bag suit is in the wash, we have another on hand ready to go! They are great. You can choose what tog you are after, which refers to the thermal resistance of the bag. The higher the tog, the more heat retained.

These sleep suits can also be changed from a bag to a suit with legs, which can be so handy for toddlers on the move (like Vivi!). It means when she is up and about, we can zip the legs into place, but when we want her in bed and sleeping, we tend to go with the bag option (harder to stand in). There are also plenty of designs to choose from. You can head over to view their entire range and work out what tog would suit your baby’s room.

We then discovered the Winter Onesie, which is new to ErgoPouch. Vivi is a wriggler, there is no doubt about it, and we know we won’t be transition her to a blanket anytime soon – she wouldn’t keep it on! This is the perfect way to transition her slowly, and we are excited to start. This onesie makes sure she will stay warm all night long, even without the blankets.

It is also perfect for those late nights at the grandparents, where we pop them in their pjs before heading home to bed. We now pop Vivi in her winter onesie, so she stays warm the whole way. She can’t wriggle out of this one!

They have a nice and roomy fit, so we still pop her pyjamas on underneath as well.


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