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Africa Play Pouch – Incy Wincy Fingers

We spend a lot of time out and about. Of course, we have our days at home mixed into this, but my girls both love getting outdoors and trying new things and aren’t afraid of a bit of travel time in the car. Sometimes, this mummy needs to get out to a cafe with friends for her own sanity, and the girls will happily tag along for this as well. This means, that I am constantly on the lookout for toys I can place in my handbag to bring with us to keep the kids entertained.

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While we love the iPad, I have never let the girls have it while we are out. It is an at home, quiet time play for us, but when we are out, I prefer them to be social, or quietly playing on their own. The iPad tends to bring out the fights and tears and is never worth it. Instead, we have stocked up on sticker books, colouring, and small toys that all come with us. When I came across this gorgeous play pouch from Incy Wincy Fingers, I knew it would be the perfect addition to our ever-growing collection.

Firstly, it is so portable! All the animals can be zipped up into the handy little pouch, which is a great fine motor skill for Cassie. Once open, it then becomes the perfect pretend world for Cassie, and some fun soft play for Vivi (when they get along and share nicely!).

Secondly, it is a nice and social toy, which I just love. If we are out and about with friends who have kids, Cassie loves showing off her animals and sharing them with her friends so they can all play together. It makes cafe visits that much more fun for us all, as us adults get to chat, while they kids all play together.

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Finally, these products are made with care from hand loomed cotton dyed with non toxic dyes and come in a range of designs, including My Farm and My Dino.


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