Felt Ball Rug – The Slumber Co

It’s no secret that a rug can really add to a space, with the perfect pop of colour and feeling of comfort. When we started setting up our little boy’s room, which is decked out with floorboards, I knew a rug (or two) was going to be more than just a style adder, it was an essential. Of course, style still came first, which is why this gorgeous Rainbow Rug from The Slumber Co was just perfect.

I fell in love with felt ball rugs when I first started with Cassie’s nursery about four years ago now. She still has the gorgeous pink, grey and white rug in her room, and the quality is just superb – I know it will last for years to come.


This is why when I saw the stunning rainbow piece, I knew it would tie in perfectly with the sky theme I was going for, and would also stay with us for years to come. The warm earthy tones will grow with the room as our little boy gets older, and can be incorporated into any space.

Each of the felt ball rugs at The Slumber Co has been hand stitched by their incredible team of artisans in Nepal.

The rugs come in two sizes:

The large Rainbows are the perfect size for placing beside single beds, cots and to be used as area rugs.

The mini Rainbows are ideal for using in doorways, as wall hangings, in front of doll houses, entryways into cubbies and much more!

We went with the mini rug as it fit the temporary space we have set up for our little one perfectly, and can be moved easily. Cassie and Vivi have also made use of the mini rug for resting their knees on while they play with their treehouse – I just love that there are so many uses for it.

The mini size also means I can reposition it at my leisure. We have moved it between the wardrobe and the bassinet, depending on the day, and it adds the perfect pop of colour that helps to pull the entire nursery together. It is also a fabulous sensory piece that I know our little boy will love lying on once he is here.


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