First Bike Balance Bike

First Bike – Balance Bike

Reuben turned two at the end of July and we knew he would be spoilt by our friends and family, so we wanted to get him one really special toy or activity that he could use for a good few years to come. He loved riding around on his little wooden vespa, so we decided that it might be time for a balance bike. First Bike had just what we were looking for! A stylish bike, that was lightweight as Reuben is quite petite, colourful and a bike that would grow with him.

The beauty of balance bikes is they should be able to transition straight from the balance bike to a standard bike skipping the need for training wheels. Also it is great for their balance, as they can ride over most terrains a normal bicycle can go it acclimatises them to riding from a young age.

So with all these things in mind we opted for a First Bike – we love riding our bicycles and we wanted to instil that same passion in Reuben. Firstly the frame has a lifetime warranty, and other components of the bike have a 5 year warranty meaning we could trust it was a great bike. It’s the only bike I found made from composite materials meaning it is light and flexible like aluminium but sturdier, that won’t rust or chip and is weatherproof. The air tyres are easy to refill, and have good cushioning and tread. The bike is very light, and it came with a lowering kit, meaning he can use it now as a 2 year old, and we can make the bike higher for when he is older. It has a horse saddle style seat, providing a dipped seat so he feels secure when sitting on it. Reuben has the Street model in Orange, and for him it was love at first site!


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